YouTube URL: Eric Smallridge Directing and Cinematography 2016

Title: Eric Smallridge Directing and Cinematography 2016

Job title/role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Actor

Location: Chillicothe, Oh

Description:  All footage was shot with a Sony FS700 camera. The reel starts out with a time lapse shot overlooking my neighborhood at sunrise. I didn’t have a target audience in mind when shooting this, I just thought it looked nice. The next shot was a project I was working on experimenting with slow motion capture. The shot of the “Human Organs” container was something I thought would be funny. It is my lunch box for work that my kids bought me and wondered what it might look like eating whatever was inside it. It was intended for anyone to get a laugh. The next shot was for an instructional exercise video intended for audiences that are wanting to learn detailed instruction on form and technique with basic exercises. Next is another slow motion staring my daughter. I used a key light behind the camera with a soft kicker behind the subject. We go into another shot from the project from earlier. I used a wide angle lens and natural light. The next clip is from a wedding I did and used the only the light from the venue and did a tilt up with a blur out at the end.  There is another shot from the instructional exercise video in which I used a 3-point lighting setup. The next clip is from an inspirational video I made of my wife. I used natural light along with the fluorescent light in the room since it was close quarters. Another clip from the lunch box video using natural light at a nearby park. Another clip from an exercise video using 3-point lighting.  The wedding cake was beautifully crafted from someone that was featured on the Food Network and I didn’t want it to go unnoticed so I filmed it many different ways, this one was just using the venue lighting again and did another tilt up.  And in closing we have a time lapse of cloud formation.